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You are voting for Dan Ricketts & Beverly Ferguson!
Enter as many votes as you want - Each vote is ONLY $1.00!

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"Celebrity" Dancers & Instructors
Dan Ricketts & Beverly Ferguson $1.00
It's not too late!
You can still buy a few votes for these lovely dancing duos!
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Andy Brown & Barbara Seaman $1.00
Billy Cranford & Peggy Bern $1.00
Dr. Charlie Brownlow & Carol Carlson $1.00
Steve Swope & Rachel Ferguson $1.00
Dr. Tina McKay & Lloyd Kanter $1.00
Ginger Fronebarger Couch & Guy Garrison $1.00
Mandy Gaddy Osburn & Mike Gaddy $1.00
Patrice Evans & Tony Duke $1.00
Tina Prudeaux & Wayne Wilson $1.00
Toni Byrd & Mac McKinney $1.00

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